Amateur as a porn category refers to the porn stars who are new to sex in general, and playing before camera more specifically. By extention, amateur as a gay category refers to being new to either gay sex or pornography. Because of the higher pay and demand for non-straight pornography, a lot of straight guys go gay for pay. Then amateur would be their category.

There is a common confusion between “amateur” and “homemade” categories. The amateur has to do with the actors regardless of who or what company produces the video. Conversely, Homemade has to do with the location of the video production and/or the production crew. The actors do not have to be new to (gay) sex or pornography. In fact, most of these videos are played by people who are sexaholic and experts at all kinds of sex acts. They might be or might not be new to having sex before the camera.

Homemade videos were not produced professionally. You can do it too. There is a great market for homemade videos these days. If you are interested, contact us.